Stoney River Senior Living


Stoney River of Ramsey

Stoney River of Ramsey

No matter what phase of life you are in, Stoney River of Ramsey encourages you to explore new skills and hobbies to help you maintain your independence. Join our community and take advantage of all the amenities we have to offer to help you achieve the purposeful, active lifestyle that you desire. Stoney River of Ramsey is located just north of the Minneapolis metro area in eastern Minnesota.

Stoney River of Marshfield

Stoney River of Marshfield offers exciting amenities that will help you feel comfortable and at home in a place you will be proud to spend quality time with your loved ones at. Spend your retirement rediscovering yourself with our award-winning programs and services. Stoney River is the perfect place for those who wish to maintain different levels of independence, enjoy the comfort of home, take advantage of opportunities to become leaders and contributors, benefit from unique amenities, and develop new friendships. We are located in central Wisconsin in Marshfield.


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