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Meet Health Dimensions Group

Meet Health Dimensions Group®

Stoney River is pleased to work with Health Dimensions Group® (HDG®)— a Minneapolis-based management and consulting organization serving senior living, post-acute, and long-term care providers, as well as hospitals and health systems, across the nation.
Founded more than 20 years ago, HDG’s mission is to make lives better by providing quality care, service, and consulting. Guided by core values of Hospitality, Stewardship, Integrity, Respect, and Humor®, HDG is wholly committed to ensuring residents and their loved ones receive high-quality, person-centered care and services, as well as supporting teams in delivering well-rounded care and services that uplift each individual.
Our teams implement Caring Above and Beyond® (CAAB), HDG’s proven process for managing senior care and living communities. It is the philosophy and approach that guides our interactions with every resident, family, team member, client, vendor, and partner we serve. Designed to build a culture of caring, CAAB is displayed daily through the demonstration of HDG’s core values.

The CAAB proven process focuses on four Pillars of Excellence in every HDG-managed senior living and care community: Quality/Customer Experience, People, Financial, and Sales and Marketing. These Pillars of Excellence are designed to improve quality care and service, enhance resident, family, and client satisfaction, engage team members, and utilize resources effectively.